Viva ZWEI Screenshots

During the morning of the 21st of March 1995: the day everything started!

These were the first pictures at 12:00, tester waves turning into the Viva II logo!

Classic videos from the 80's, like these ones from Simple Minds, and Gianna Nannini, guest of Geschmacksache (August 1995).

'That was 1985' says a short announcement before the video starts, in this case, Cock Robin, and after that, a video by The Cardigans (September 1995).

Former Viva presenter, then presenting the afternoon show 'P.M.' on Viva ZWEI'P.M.' opening title (September 1996)Another presenter for 'P.M.'
Night videos on SLEEPLESS. The one from Dubstar was a classic Viva Zwei video for 1996!
October 1996, when videos were not that much alternative, although charts outsiders!

Even Alanis was there all the time!The weekly show 'On The Rocks' on Viva (october 1996), before moving to Viva ZWEI under the name of 2ROCK

Opening title for 'The Flow', a waterfall of hitsA video played in the late-night videomix 'RED'A very special guest on 'GESCHMACKSACHE': Samantha Fox! (February 1997)

Taken from 'Let Me Be Free' by Samantha Fox.

Nkechi Madubuko presenting 'BLUE'Adverts title in 'BLUE'Classic video in 'RED'