Here are the playlists of some of MTV Dance's most original shows!
Drum'n'Bass Mondays

"An hour dedicated to the best that drum n bass has to offer,
playing classics and contemporary music from one of the most
respected underground dance music scenes."
Trance Tuesdays

"Rather like Gatecrasher in Ibiza, Tuesdays are for trance lovers.
60 minutes of anthems and new trance from the world's biggest DJs
lifting you to a higher plane."
Electro Wednesdays

"Wednesday is eclectic and electro as MTV Dance reflects the tunes
that challenge, from a whole new generation of producers
to the masters of electronic dance music."
House Thursdays

"It's almost the weekend and it's an hour of the classiest house tunes
around to set the mood. Think funky, sexy and uplifting!"
The above shows have started on the 12th of November 2007 and, until the 12th of June 2008, were broadcast
at 2200 GMT (2300 CET). They eventually moved one hour later and starting from August, the shows moved
late at night and have been reduced to just 30 minutes with repetitive contents.
At the end of January 2009 all the shows have been removed.
21/03/2008 (1300-1650 GMT): Sweet Like Chocolate
"You always eat too much chocolate at this time of year,
so let MTV Dance take you back to the days of "Sweet Like Chocolate"
and other tunes that made UK Garage so hot!"
11/07/2008 (1900-2100 GMT): Moby's Ultimate Summer Chillout
"Moby celebrates some of the best chillout tracks around - guaranteed to get you in the mood for those lazy summer days!
Featuring Air and Massive Attack."

01/01/2010 (0600-0800 GMT): Chillout on New Year's'Day
"Classic chillout tunes to start the new year!"