Screenshots from May 2002
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10/05/02: Sky Sports in the clear on Astra 2 at 28.2 east11/05/02: New style for MTV Spain
12/05/02: NEW FILMS Bulgaria in the clear on Thor at 1 west12/05/02: Skat TV from Bulgaria, on Thor at 1 west
12/05/02: LeCinema in the clear inside polish package PolSat, on HotBird12/05/02: Testcard from ASB on HotBird, 12092 MHz
13/05/02: Fish video, tests from Deutsche Telekom on the new satellite Astra 3, 23.5 east13/05/02: starts regular transmissions today on HotBird, tonight 'Queer As Folk'! This is not porno tv!
freq. 12149 V 27500 3/4
14/05/02: Test from turkish Tatlises TV on Eurasiasat at 42 east14/05/02: Canal E tests on Hispasat at 30 west
18/05/02: Sonnenklar TV starts regular transmissions on Astra 1 at 19.2 east20/05/02: 'Supercongres' testcard on HotBird, 12111 MHz
29/05/02: Vibe TV tests on Astra 2 at 28.2 east29/05/02: ART Movies in the clear on Astra 2

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