Slowdive Downloads

Morningrise This is the very first video and it was released in february 1991 for their second single Morningrise EP. It was shown on MTV Europe's 120 Minutes with Paul King on sunday night and also included in a video compilation from Creation Records. 11,5 MB
Shine This second video was released in june 1991 for their Holding Our Breath EP. Very dreamy, with fields of dandelions, on a pebbles beach... 13,4 MB
Ballad Of Sister Sue   11,3 MB
Catch The Breeze   11,0 MB
Alison The only video for a song off their second album, this was released in june 1993 and it features members of the band with their friends at a private party. 9,4 MB
Lucozade Hydro Active advert featuring a fast-speed sample of a Ulrich Schnauss remix of 'Crazy For You', this advert was shown on british tv channels in late september 2003 - (22/09/2003) 1,3 MB

Small-sized screenshots taken from 'Morningrise'